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An education policy is a life insurance product specially designed as a savings tool to provide an amount of money for your child's education when your child reaches the age for entry into college (18 years and above).

Cover includes:

✔ Accident and Disability cover

✔ Education savings with life cover benefit

✔ Flexible investment options

✔ Tax relief

✔ Payment of full fund value upon maturity 

Our anticipated endowment policy is an endowment policy with guaranteed cash payments payable to the policy owner at regular intervals during the term of the policy. With the anticipated endowment plan, one can accumulate funds over a period of time by making monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments. At certain intervals during the policy’s term, part of the accumulated benefits are paid out to the policy owner and at the end of the policy term the remaining accumulated benefits are paid also as a lump-sum, together with the accrued bonuses.

Cover includes:

✔ Life cover (payable in the event of death) 

✔ Accidental death & Disability cover 

✔ Waiver of premium on death or disability 

✔ Partial maturity payouts

Our Credit Life Insurance is a life policy designed to pay off a borrower’s debt if that borrower dies before the loan is fully paid back to the lender. The borrower is protected from losing their savings or other property if they cannot repay the loan due to death, disability or involuntary unemployment and beneficiaries and dependents are protected from taking up liabilities that they were not a party to.

In the event of the untimely demise of the borrower, this policy ensures that title to the purchase will be transferred free and clear to beneficiaries.

Cover includes:

✔ Accidental or natural death

✔ Total Permanent Disability

✔ Critical Illness

✔ Retrenchment/Loss of Income 

✔ Free Cover Limit

✔ Fixed Premiums 

A unit trust is a vehicle that is used to pool funds from different investors with the same objective of gaining access in to different types of investments. There are different types of Unit Trusts that then focus on investments in different areas. 

Equity Funds provide access to the stock market. 

Money Market funds provide access to money market securities such as treasury bills, bank deposits etc. 

Bond Funds or Fixed Income Funds will primarily provide access to bonds. 

Returns in unit trust investments range between 7% – 9% based on the fund manager and fund performance. In money markets funds can be accessed any time and safety of the capital amount is guaranteed.

Benefits of Unit Trusts include:

✔ Minimal Investment Required

✔ Easy Top up via mobile money

✔ Funds managed by professional fund managers

✔ Ease of Investment Diversification

✔ Ease of liquidity

✔ Funds are regulated by the Capital Markets Authority thus providing security and confidence

Our endowment policy is a type of life insurance that offers both insurance as well as investment benefits. 

Endowment plans allocate certain value towards the life cover, while the balance value is invested by the insurer. In this type of life insurance plan, bonuses are paid either on maturity of the policy or on the death of the insured. A lump sum amount comprising of the life cover and accumulated bonuses is paid on maturity or after the specified duration, or to the beneficiary on the death of the insured whichever is earlier.

Cover includes:

✔ Flexible policy planning (choose duration of your policy and age of entry)

✔ Can include personal accident and funeral covers

✔ Tax relief benefit

✔ Use for life’s contingencies including children’s education, marriage or buying property

✔ Continuity without any further premium payments should the policyholder suffer permanent disability.