Frequently Asked Questions

What is excess in motor insurance?

Excess is basically the first portion of loss the client bears. Across the industry for private cars it’s 2.5% of the value of the car that with a minimum of 15,000-20,000. Now how we protect our clients from paying excess is by purchasing a benefit called Excess protector at inception of the policy. Where you pay 0.25%. of the car value. In the event of an accident that is above Excess the insurance company will pay however if it’s below The client takes care of the repairs.

What is excess protector?

This is a benefit that prevents you from paying excess. What should one do in the event of an accident? Wait for a traffic police officer to come to the scene of accident, call to inform us of the accident and finally collect a police abstract. From there we shall deal with the rest.

What is loss of use benefit?

This is a courtesy car benefit that comes as an extension to a motor insurance policy. It allows one a car on the third day after reporting an accident claim when the insurance company deals with the repairs for a specific duration.

What is the difference between the previous motor certificates and the digital ones?

The difference is the mode of delivery. The previous ones needed to be printed and delivered physical while the digital ones are done and sent on email. It’s important to note that once you get the motor certificate it needs to be printed on a color printer and displayed on the windscreen. ( we can link the video on this and e card)

What is domestic package insurance?

This is a cover that covers all the items in the house including phones, tablets, laptops etc against loss/theft, damage or fires. It also covers the domestic servants on WIBA. If the house is owned by the same person it’s also covered.

Whats an annuity?

This is a fund set up through a registered pension scheme that guarantees a salary to a retiree for the rest of their life. After 65 years of age the annuity is not taxable.

What’s the purpose of an education policy?

To guarantee the child’s education weather the parents/guardians are alive or dead. To help set aside a fund towards the child’s education. Guarantee peace of mind for the parents/guardians.

How long does it take to get a travel insurance policy?

With all the documentation submitted it should take 5-10 minutes.

What covers are offered under property insurance?

✔ Fire. ✔ Loss of rent. ✔ Public liability. ✔ Political violence and terrorism

What is loss of rent cover about?

This is a benefit given to safe guard our clients against loss of rental income. For example, in the event a building catches fire and the tenants need to vacate, the insurance policy kicks in and pays the rent as the building is being reinstated.

What does maternity cover entail?

It covers the fees for delivery of a child, doctors and hospital fees. Is there medical insurance for people over the age of 60 years? Yes there is.

Why is it advisable to use Extra Miles Insurance Agency?

They have a wide view of the insurance/Bima market hence are able to advise on the best company per class. Since they sell all insurance classes they are in a position to advise a client on the best policies and help in making the right decisions on which are the most important policies. Finally they also follow up on claims till settlement.

What is the advantage of using Extra Miles insurance agency?

You get peace of mind in the event of a claim, personalized service, useful information, holistic insurance advised and claims follow up and management.

Does a client require to pay Extra Miles Insurance Agency?

No. We are paid by the insurance company for business booked.

Who licenses Extra Miles Insurance Agency?

We are licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority.

What is Extra Miles slogan?

“We go the Extra Mile.” We believe in giving the client not just what they paid for but more than value for money. Information, service and advise are key pillars on this.