A Personal Pension is a long-term investment that aims to help you build up a pot of money that you can use for your retirement. Personal pension plans can be utilized by employed individuals and their employers, self-employed individuals and SMEs/groups. Contributions may be a fixed amount from your monthly salary if you are employed or a regular amount if you are self-employed.

Upon attaining retirement you can take 1/3rd of your Total Retirement Fund as cash and the remaining 2/3rd of your Total Retirement Fund is converted into a fixed monthly pension which shall be paid to you at the end of every month till you die.

Cover includes:

✔ No set up fee

✔ Tax relief benefit

✔ Guaranteed accumulated capital and investment income

✔ Guaranteed payment of total contribution and accrued interest to nominated beneficiary in the event of death 

A single premium immediate annuity is a contract agreement with an insurance company where you pay a sum of money up front and they pay you a certain amount of money periodically for the rest of your life.

At retirement, a single premium is paid from the accumulated retirement savings to guarantee a lifetime stream of payments. Our single premium immediate annuity can be a fixed annuity or a variable annuity. In a fixed annuity, the payout is a fixed amount each period while with a variable annuity, the payout is linked to the performance of a mutual fund.

Cover includes:

✔ Tax free for retirees over 65 years

✔ Fully customizable

✔ Guaranteed lifetime income fund

Our Group Personal Retirement Plan is a collection of personal pension plans usually provided by employers for their employees. As an employer, you need to be able to attract and retain high calibre staff. One of the ways in which several leading organizations do this is through the establishment of a Retirement Benefits Scheme.

The principle objective of Employers setting up a Retirement Benefits Scheme is to provide:-
1) Tax benefits for their employees while in employment upon their retirement and;
2) Financial security benefits upon their retirement
3) Widows/widowers and dependents’ benefits in the event of death before retirement.

Cover includes:

✔ Early Retirement

✔ Tax relief

✔ Capital and past investment income guaranteed

✔ Guaranteed minimum rate of returns