Life Insurance

Our Individual Life Insurance also known as Life Assurance provides monetary benefit to a named beneficiary upon demise of the life that has been insured. This policy may be for a specified duration or the entire life of the person insured by the policy. This life cover ensures to keep you and your family secured always in an unfortunate event.

Our Group Life Insurance is a life insurance cover offered to a group of people. It is usually provided by an employer to its employees or taken by groups of people with common interests such as chamas and associations.

Cover includes:

✔ Death benefit

✔ Funeral benefit

✔ Permanent disability

✔ Temporary disability

✔ Critical Illness

✔ Medical Reimbursement 

Our Funeral cover also known as a last expense policy covers individuals or a family of ten including a couple, their children (a maximum of four), parents and parent in laws. 

In the event of death of the members mentioned, the insurance gives a certain amount to take care of the funeral costs.

Cover includes:

✔ Non-accidental cover

✔ Accidental death or disability

Term Cover

Our Term Life Cover is a form of life insurance that protects your loved ones from any financial risks within the period of your cover by issuing the lump sum of your cover limit to your beneficiaries in the case you pass on either through natural causes or accident within the specified period of time.

Cover includes:

✔ Health related death

✔ Natural death

✔ Accidental death